We offers a Hardware and Software based comprehensive solution for Biometric based Canteen / Cafeteria Management System (iSnack ) which is ideal for

  • Large Corporate In-house Canteen / Cafeteria
  • Independently run Canteen / Mess / Cafeteria in
  • Government Offices
  • BPO’s / Call Centers
  • Universities / Institutions.
  • Any other
Overview of iSnack
  • iSnack or Biometric Cafeteria Management System (CMS) is ideally suited for Companies running an in-house cafeteria.
  • iSnack is linked to a biometric Fingerprint system
  • Simplifies the entire process of meal ordering and meal tracking.
  • Data collected is accurately linked to the employee’s payroll
  • Data is readily available for tracking of future order patterns.
  • Automates the entire meal ordering process, while at the same time giving accurate data on the number of meals taken.
  • iSnack is a great way to automate your meal ordering purposes.
  • Gives the organization more controls on meals taken, what times the meals are taken, and more importantly if the meals taken are within an authorized employee shift interval.

Benefits of our iSnack Software
  • Our iSnack provides various features like-
  • Menu design, billing features and lots more
  • Vendor and Multiple Items Management
  • Centralized Employee Engagement
  • Inventory Management
  • Smart Billing Design
  • Touch Screen Operations
  • Reports
  • Item Wise Reports
  • Employee Wise Reports
  • Day / Week / Month /  Year Wise Report
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Live Report
  • Any other custom Reports on demand

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